For those who read my blog,( may it be to catch up on what is going on in my life, or for those who may just happen to stubble upon it), I would like to give a quick review of what has been going on in my life and why you shouldn’t expect to see many, if any, posts in the future.

For the past almost 6 months I have been seeing a therapist. I started seeing one to help me cope with a lot of negative and unfortunate events happening in my life and to my family. My bimonthly and now monthly visits have helped me greatly. Not only have they helped me process family issues in a healthy way, but I now know that many things in my past which I found to be “normal” really weren’t and I learning how to recover from those negative events. Having said all of that, one of the suggestions my therapist has given me is to reduce my sharing of personal information and feelings with people who do not positively contribute to my life and to not share the personal through social networking sites. This is because many a person develops a sense of false intimacy through social media (facebook and blogs) and that if I cannot talk about things to people in person or over the phone (video chats/emails) then I shouldn’t be announcing it to the (social) world. If I want to let people know what is going on in my life then I should contact them directly and do so. Although I am a bit lazy and anti-social at times in my communication with others, I have to agree that my therapist’s suggestion makes sense. If I want people to know what is going on in my life or know what is going on in theirs I should make a real effort to do so. As a result I will no longer be following people’s blogs. It isn’t fair for me to know what is going on in other people’s lives if I am no longer broadcasting my own.

So there it is, my explanation. So to all my readers, all 2 (?) of you, I wish all much peace, love and coco puffs. 🙂




Coño this month has been hot as Phoenix, with humidity on top of that!

As vacation months go, this hasn’t been a month of relaxation, but such is life. I had looked forward to being lazy this month before my classes, work, and teaching started up in August but I haven’t had the chance to be lazy. First I coordinated and participated in a grant proposal for my job (that I don’t officially start until August 15th), was a camp counselor for a week down in Conway, and was developing my instruments of measurement  that I have to submit to IRB (Institutional Research Board) for one of my research projects I will be conducting this Fall. On top of all of this I have to start reading the chapters I will be discussing in the undergrad class I will be teaching for the Fall and taking little notes for class discussion. My list of things to do isn’t long, but it is time consuming and a bit overwhelming at times.Despite my little rant I do prefer to be kept busy and productive rather than being bored. I am lucky enough to have something to look forward to doing, even if I am silly and worry a lot about it.

I will end this post saying that this weekend is my wedding anniversary to an amazing man that has done all he can to hold my hand while I have dealt with a lot of family drama and issues out of my control. This past year hasn’t been easy for me and he has helped me stay positive and strong. If my darling husband is reading this know that I love you boo! 🙂




Next week is my last week of summer classes! I am relieved it’s almost over and I also trying to get everything done before the last day, particularly for my online class.

Here is a random assortment of pictures I took with my phone in the past month:







Three years ago….


I made a leap of faith and moved from Arizona to Arkansas. A lot has happened since then, mostly a lot of trials of faith and endurance. One of my favorite lines from a series I read is “even the best made plans never make it past the first battle” (or something of the sort…I am paraphrasing it). Even though that phrase pretty much sums up most of my life, I feel it is very pertinent to the last three years of my life in Arkansas. In the past three years I have made plans and goals and have had to modify them or eliminate them all together. I admit it has been a difficult process, especially because I am a bit of a planner/control freak.

Despite the obstacles in my life I am learning to let go of things I cannot control and work on the things I have power over…mostly myself. Despite all of the headaches and heartaches I have endured, there have been many positive and happy events that have resulted from my move. With next year being my thirtieth year on this planet, I plan continuing to work on myself, both emotionally and career wise, which are both hard things to do. I am not going to let people continue to put me down or be a source of negativity in my life. Molotov says it best with “si le das más poder al poder, más duro te van a venir a cojer”, although in my case yo le doy el poder a esas personas que me hacen daño. I am not going to let that happen anymore.

This past month marked the end of my first year of my PhD. My second year looks promising, I am the new Graduate Assistant to La Oficina Latina, which is under the Vice-Provost for Diversity Affairs, and I will be teaching an undergrad class as an Adjunct in the fall. I am excited to start these new roles and doing my best to be a good teacher and advocate. Lets see what the next three years bring my way (hopefully I will be finishing my degree program)!

Cross your fingers for me, my cyber-stalkers!




I survived my first year if my Phd program! I saw my grades tonight and I finished the year with a 4.0, which makes me very happy. I am proud of my grades, something I wasn’t so proud of as a undergrad. Thankfully I am judged not by my grades but for my hard work. Let’s see if I can keep my grades up for the result of my program. 🙂

I am alive


Been gone for while. Things have been disorganized with the mom situation. On top of that I have 2 weeks left of classes and am catching up some reaction papers while working on my last two end of the semester projects. I am looking forward to 3 solid weeks off before I start summer school. I know I am a masochist but I am trying to crank out some classes just to be halfway done with my coursework. Hopefully it will pay off.

The price of beauty 2.0


Every year around my birthday I tend to do something different for myself. Usually I get a piercing or a tattoo, haircut, or something of the sort. This year I did something I never thought I would do; I got hair extensions. It has been a super long time since I have had long hair. I usually have short hair and if its long its usually only to my shoulders since I have very thick hair and having long hair gives me a headache.

My amazing stylist Brandie from The Papaya (she also fixed my hair for my wedding) had mentioned that she needed a model for a hair extension class and so I asked for more information. In the past when I was a freshman in high school I modeled hair for a hair show my stylist was participating in.

It was an experience to say the least. Later on as a freshman in college I did some print work. I really didn’t think too much about modeling since I have always focused on school and work. Last year I modeled some jewelry for a local designer and have done some shows for her. Next month I will model her latest line during NWA fashion week, which should be interesting to say the least. Here is a picture from the last show I did for Lauren:

Getting back to my hair….I decided to be crazy and get the extensions, just to see what it was like. So far its been interesting wearing someone’s hair attached to my own. I don’t know if I would think differently if it wasn’t real human hair, but I see how I feel about it in the next few months. Here are some pictures of how my hair looks now:

I was told that if I take care of my hair (which I tend to do) then I can have the extensions in my hair for 6 months and then have them taken out and sorted and then put back in. I am thinking I might do that, but probably with less actual extensions since my hair tends to grow fast anyways. I might just keep the dark brown and caramel colored ones since I don’t dye my hair and I like having some highlights in the mix. Here is a picture so that you see how many extensions Brandie put in to match the amount I hair I normally have.

Crazy huh? Well lets see how the hair does and how long I keep the extensions.